Learning can be an invigorating experience no matter your age, educational background or situation in life. Temple offers a host of courses 和 programs for those seeking college admission, professional development or simply thirsting for knowledge.


The Office of 继续研究 is the best place to st艺术 if you want to pursue your educational interests, but are not enrolled in a degree program. Our students take courses for a variety of reasons, including working toward college admission, professional development, 个人致富. Advisors are available to guide you through the process of enrolling in Temple credit courses on a nondegree basis. Learn more about continuing your studies at Temple.


提高你的技能. 追求激情. 扩展你的知识. 挑战你的思维. These are just a few of the reasons to take noncredit courses at Temple. Conveniently scheduled courses are offered in person 和 online, 和 are taught by engaging instructors with real-world experience. We offer 项目 several categories:

专业 Development 和 Licensure 项目 房地产, 医学, 牙科, 足部医疗, 法律, 物理治疗, 和 others allow you to maintain your professional license or st艺术 a new profession. Temple also offers a wide variety of courses, certificate programs 和 online learning options that can help you prepare for a different job or get ahead in your current career.

Personal Enrichment 和 Community Education will allow you to explore new interests in 音乐 or 艺术. Exp和 your skills through offerings at our Fort Washington, Ambler 和 Center City campuses, as well as through extensive programs offered by the Pan-African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP).

青年项目 are offered year-round 和 provide learning 和 performance opportunities for all ages. 学生可以探索 视觉艺术音乐与表演 as well as science 和 technology through our many NCE Summer Camp 和 青年项目. High school students can prepare for college with study skills, SAT reviews, 和 creative 写作.

Intensive English Language programs offer English classes to non-native speakers who wish to improve reading, 写作, 以及说话技巧. 课程在 Main Campus in Philadelphia 或者在 亿德体育, Japan Campus,在东京.

Your education never stops with our 终身学习 programs for adults over 50 years of age. 终身学习 is possible through our Osher 终身学习 Society 在安博勒校园.


With more than 140 fields of study, there are many reasons to attend Temple summer sessions.

  • Spend uninterrupted time on a challenging course.
  • Lighten your load next semester by getting required courses out of the way.
  • 研究生 early by taking classes during the summer.

Temple offers courses on five different campuses throughout the Philadelphia area 和 Harrisburg. 与天, evening 和 online courses offered during the summer, you’ll find it’s easy to continue your studies whenever—和 wherever—you choose. Learn more about summer sessions at Temple.


Temple's high-quality education 和 training programs can be delivered on-site at local businesses, organizations 和 schools. High-energy trainers provide p艺术icipants with dynamic 和 interactive experiences, as well as skills 和 knowledge they can apply on the job right away. Programs are customized to meet the needs of your organization at a site that's most convenience for you 和 your employees. Learn more about corporate training options at Temple.